OA in both my knees Plus plantar fasciitis in both feet

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Hello all,

I’m at my whits end with pain, can barely walk due to plantar fasciitis and OA in both knees (bone on bone) standing is not an option. I limp constantly due to the pain and it’s exhausting. Does anyone know of either a strong pain killing injection (not cortisone) that works for knees or strong pain killer? My feet I’ve had dry needling twice this year and it’s worse than ever. My job now involves standing a lot!! I can’t take co codemol as I’m governed in work by drug tests so have to take NSAIDs. Was on naproxen-didn’t work. Put on diclofenic and told could only take short term! I’m now taking ibuprofen 600mg plus 1 paracetamol 500mg - still not touching the pain. Wearing knee supports plus orthotics in my shoes and both my feet are also strapped up and physio once a week also apply pain gel to my knees. I’ve suffered with my feet since my 20’s, my knee pain started in my late 30’s but I could cope with it then! I’m at a loss about what to do. I’m 53yrs old did a desk job for 35yrs and changed careers last year now working for the railway industry. I am overweight (I know that doesn’t help- but am slowly doing something about that). The pain has really kicked up this year and as of now I’m struggling to walk and trying to hide it from work as I can’t afford to not work!!!

please if anyone has had success with a pain injection for the knees and it worked (I know it’s a short term solution) please tell me what it was as right now I’d pay private for it. Also had cortisone in both my feet and that didn’t work either!

thank you for taking time to read my plea 😊