Hello: New to this forum. Just diagnosed with OA

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Hello everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I will be having my first physio appointment soon. I'm doing well losing weight, and I think I'm doing the right things. I'm very anxious about what lies ahead. I enjoy hiking over moorland, and am so sad I may not be able to continue. In general does anyone have stories or support for my anxiety over what the future holds.?


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    Hello @CatDad

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see you have a recent diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in your left knee. You sound to be doing the right things losing weight and have physio booked.

    Anxiety about the future is understandable in someone used to being physically active.

    I am attaching a link about Osteoarthritis of the knee which you should find useful:

    Now I'll leave our members to welcome you and suggest to take a look around and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @CatDad , sorry to hear about your diagnosis, my sister had both knees replaced before she was 60, but carried on teaching aerobics classes in the lead up to that, (assisted by huge doses of Voltarol) and is still teaching now, and she’s also able to go out on the fells and ride a horse. I won’t lie, it can be an uncomfortable journey, but it’s not the beginning of the end.