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Hi all

I am 45 and have had osteoarthritis for over 10 years now I have it severe in my right knee moderate in my left knee and in my hands and spine. Lately I am struggling to sleep as when I sleep in my sides this is so painful around my hips. I asked if I could be referred to the arthritis clinic but just got told to lose weight. So was just asking for some tips please thanks Claire 🙂


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    Hi and welcome @Clairebara

    sorry your'e having a rough time - I found a link and maybe it might help

    theres always the helpline 0800 5200 520 to talk to someone but I'm sure our members will have valid suggestions


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    If you sleep on your side try a knee cushion between your knees which will help to take the pressure off your hips and lower back.

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    If you put "pain control" into the search box at the top left hand side of the page it will bring up loads of advice, hints and tips.

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    i have just stopped my anti inflammatories and pregabalin tablets,i felt that having taken them for over 5 yrs they were not helping only masking the symptoms, i was having to take more pills to get the same effect.

    i have stared a course of acupuncture which i beleive will help in the long term, also i have started taking CBD capsules,only had them for a couple of weeks, so early days i think.

    This time of year is difficult with the damp and cloudy weather.

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    Good morning @khogg and welcome to the Online Community. It's great to meet you.

    I'm guessing that you have osteoarthritis from the meds you were taking and whilst they may have worked initially you have found now that they are not enough to limit the pain you have even though you have increased the dose.

    This leaflet covers 5 of the popular complimentary meds which might be useful and

    is about complementary threrapies. You are right that it takes a lot of thinking to decide what is best for each of us and our mind is crucial in this thinking to try and persuade it to lessen the pain triggers we are receiving.

    I hope you begin to feel the benefits very soon - keep us informed on how this works for you, and do post elsewhere where you feel you can be of help or support to fellow members or where you find something interesting.

    Looking forward to your next post

    Take care

    Yvonne x