Will new vaccine work as I take methotrexate to suppress my immune system?

Having been shielding at home since March the good news of a vaccine is very welcome but will I be able to have the vaccine and will it work against the immunosuppressant meds I take for my RA?

if immune system is strongly suppressed how could a vaccine that is designed to create an immune response to the virus possibly work?


  • YvonneH
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    Hi @Stephd

    Welcome to the Online Community, it's great to have you join us.

    To get straight to your question. We know the Pfizer vaccine is NOT live, which means it MAY be suitable for those of us on immune suppressant medications. Each of us needs to have a conversation with our health care teams to work out if it is suitable for each of us individually.

    I would like to have concrete simple advice to give, sadly we are, each of us, unique in the number of conditions we have and how they present and the variety of medications we take and the dose of each that a simple answer would not work.

    I can say that we are on the case and as we have any updates on this particular vaccine we will share it as clearly and simply as we can. As other vaccines are proved to be effective we will do the same with each of those too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you posting, offering support and companionship to fellow members as we wait for answers

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Stephd
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    Thanks for your quick response which has provided some clarity. I am due for a blood test so will brave the GP surgery next week. I will try to remember to ask if they know more. Keep well 😊

  • Kazza52
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    I too am on Methotrexate for RA. It is welcome news that a new vaccine is in the pipeline. As with the flu vaccine as long as it is not "live" it will be safe. I hope we all get to the top of the list to have it when it is available. Can't come soon enough. We need to beat Coronavirus and save lives.

    Keep safe everyone

    Karen 🐶

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    I'm not sure whether the question should be 'is it safe?' rather than 'will it work?'.

    According to NRAS

    "Most vaccine trials have excluded people with rheumatic disease on immune modulation from participation, so we currently do not have data to base decisions upon if they will be safe for those on certain medications. However, the safety data from one of the trials that one of our medical advisor is an investigator on is currently showing no safety concerns but the trial is still ongoing."


    I always have the flu jab and I had the swine flu jab but I want more info before I have this one. I trust it will come as the Scottish government has been brilliant at keeping us shielders up to date.

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  • Kazza52
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    Hi there,

    I will take the advice of my consultant as to whether I am safe to have the vaccine. I would like to have it to safeguard against contracting COVID but I am concerned that the vaccine may interact with my Methotrexate medication and make my condition worse. That is the main concern I have.

    Stay safe everyone.

    Karen x🐶