Tingling in ring and little ring app


I have been having increasing problems with tingling in my little and ring finger my doctor says partly related to my shoulder and my tendency to lie on that side but mainly to ulnar nerve nerve entrapment. I broke my arm when I was a small child and cannot really completely straighten it I'm wondering what I can do about it turning my arm show my palm faces up help a lot and holding my arm vertically above my head helps but if anyone has any other thoughts on anything that will help or provide support i would be grateful to hear about it

Thank you


  • Lilymary
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    I get this in my right arm, usually starting with my little finger and slowly spreading across to the other fingers unless I change position. My physio says it's a trapped nerve too. The only solution for me is to move my arm.

    Which reminds me of an old Tommy Cooper joke:

    TC: Doctor, it hurts when I go "like that"" (raises arm).

    Doc: Well don't go "like that" then.


    Sadly this is sometimes the best the docs seem to come up with for arthritis. But we still try to do our best anyway.