hi I’ve suffered the fatigue for 30 years I take vitamin B12 to try help it it’s not great but helps a little.

Doing tasks I plan ahead and pace myself if I’ve been busy one day I tend to take a slower pace the next day. It’s a very difficult condition to come to terms right. I hope this is a little help and take one day at a time otherwise he will wear himself out .

good luck


  • Lilymary
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    Hi Tilliebobtail, (nice name!)

    Fatigue can be an awful ongoing battle. Pacing is the best way, sadly. It doesn't help when the pain meds knock you out as well, but I'm surprised by how arthritis itself exhausts me, rather than just being unfit or doped up by the pills. I take Vitamin D, which I've found helpful - my doc recommended it after repeated blood tests found this was the only obvious marker for fatigue. Otherwise I just don't beat myself up about being tired. Acceptance can be hard though.

    Stay well.

  • wazz42
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    Hi @Tilliebobtail

    Lovely to meet you, I hope the fatigue isn't too bad today. Yours is good advice to pace ourselves. It doesn't work all the time but it's still very useful.

    I try to talk to my family too so they know I'm not ignoring them or bored or something. They understand and don't get upset if I have to cancel something at short notice. They have got so they notice if i'm struggling and in turn I accept help rather than doing everything myself, which my old self always did!

    Let us know how you are doing