ulnar nerve problems


I have been having increasing problems with tingling in my little and ring finger my doctor says partly related to my shoulder and my tendency to lie on that side but mainly to ulnar nerve nerve entrapment. I broke my arm when I was a small child and cannot really completely straighten it I'm wondering what I can do about it turning my arm show my palm faces up help a lot and holding my arm vertically above my head helps but if anyone has any other thoughts on anything that will help or provide support i would be grateful to hear about it


  • helpline_team

    Dear lotsofpain

    Thank you for your posting on the forum. I am so sorry to hear that you have been having increasing problems with tingling in your fingers. I see that your GP has said that this is related to your shoulder and a tendency to lie on your side but mainly due to ulnar nerve entrapment. The only information we have on this is that tingling in the fingers should be investigated by your GP and we would say to return to your GP for further investigation and about how to manage this condition. You can find this in our information on Hand and Wrist Pain on our website in the section on ‘When to see a doctor’. You can see this on the link https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/conditions/hand-and-wrist-pain/

    If you can, try to write a few notes about when and how the problem started and what makes it feel worse before your appointment.

    You are very welcome to call us if you would like to talk things through with one of our helpline team. You can do this by contacting us on 0800 5200 520 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 8pm).

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Best Wishes