Hi this is my first post. I’ve just started taking sulfasalizine two days ago and was wondering what other painkillers to take along side this until it kicks in, I’ve been told 8-12 weeks. I had a bad experience with methotrexate last year so trying this drug now.




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    Hi @Mackayspies and welcome to the Online Community, great to have you here.

    Taking sulfasalazine can be tough to start with as you usually begin on a low dose which is increased over a few weeks and the medication may not seem to take effect for up to 12 weeks. Because it’s a long-term treatment, it is important to keep taking it even if it doesn't seem to be working.

    Our page on sulfasalazine can be found here:

    It is worth talking to your doctor about managing pain as taking other pain killers may have adverse effects on your treatment. We have a range of general advice available for helping cope with pain in general, plus information for specific areas of the body.

    Do let us know how you get on and join in across the Community.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Mackayspies, what an interesting username!

    How are you getting along? You are now a week into your new medication, not too long until you will feel the effects I hope.

    Please don't get worried though there are more drugs out there and sometimes a combination is what works, your med team will work it out

    What do you enjoy doing? I hope you can still do that, if you struggle we have lots of tips and tricks so you can keep doing what you enjoy doing most, just ask


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    Like you I had a bad experience with Methotrexate (self injected once a week). Was put on Sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine November 2019. Since then everything has been good apart from occasional stomach problems. Haven't taken a painkiller since January.

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    Hi @Mackayspies

    Nice to meet you.

    You asked what painkillers you can take alongside the sulfa until it kicks in.

    I started on over the counter painkillers paracetamol, or even the very low dose co-codamol you can buy from chemists and ibuprofen too, but when they didn't cut the mustard I had to get stronger pain relief recommended by the rheumatologist initially. Oh and the Ibuprofen gave me slightly more than belly ache😳too.

    A lot of us here manage perfectly well on the over the counter stuff taken regularly, but if you are still struggling you should ask your GP for something stronger.

    take care