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Hello, my name is Paul and I have been suffering from arthritis and nerve pain since the age of 19, the cause was started after I had a bad horse riding accident. The accident was when a carrier bag startled my horse and she bucked which knocked me out and then she reared this caused me to fall in front of her and then her stood on me causing two bulging disks, tearing my rotor cuff and base of my back muscles to tear. I now suffer from lots of nerve damage, pins and needles in my hands and feet, muscle damage, arthritis in my neck and spine, sciatic pain in both legs, restless leg syndrome and headaches. I am on a concoction of pain medication, I take Tramadol, Amitriptyline , pregabalin, Oramorph, Baclofen and vitamin D tablets. I have had numerous physiotherapy, nerve root and radio frequency ablation injections but they have not worked. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE HELP ME as I still have had no diagnosis?


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    Hi @paulgr7131 and welcome to the Online Community.

    Sorry to hear you have had arthritis and extensive related nerve pain since having a riding accident. It does sound as though you and your doctors have tried a range of treatments to help with this over the years but with only some effect as you still experience long term problems.

    You might like to try getting a referral to a Pain Clinic which can perhaps suggest a course of action that may be of some help? We have a helpful page of information on pain management in general, with some suggestions on self-management and also useful information on the long-term treatments. This may be useful in your next consultation with your medical practitioner.

    I'm hoping that other Community members who are in your situation of experiencing the effects of long-term pain are able to suggest ways of coping. If you need to talk to someone directly, please contact our free Helplines, details of which can be found on these pages.

    All best wishes