Lumbar decompression surgery

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New member just saying hello

been suffering from spinal arthritis and arthritis in my wrists and hip.for over 14 years but managed to keep working till April last year. Now Iam in so much pain everyday I have resorted to the underworld to get myself liquid morpheme and it helps a lot but I have been put forward for a Lumbar decompression surgery has anybody had this operation

thanks Kevin


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    Hi @Bigkev welcome to the Online Community

    Sorry to hear you have had arthritis in your spine, wrists and hips for over 14 years and that there is now so much pain you have now had to stop work.

    I found a couple of members who previously, like you, came to ask if anyone had previously had a lumbar decompression operation and what the experiences were. Sadly, none of them came back to report on the procedure and the outcome of the operation.

    There is a useful entry on the NHS web site about lumbar decompression:

    I have also taken the liberty of editing your discussion title so that it might draw more attention from readers 😃

    If you do have the proposed surgery, it would be a great help for others looking for such information to read about your experience, if you are willing. In any event, do let us know how you get on and if you decide to go ahead.

    All best wishes


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    Brynmor thank you

    yes I don’t mind telling people thanks for the information

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    I have had the surgery it ended my work life in every way and the surgeon before I had it spent months doing nerve root block's and told me at the start he was 90 %that he could fix me that figure went right down on the day of the surgery to 20% I thought because he was the top man in Scotland for this operation I put my faith in him when I woke from the op only then I felt straight away my life was over I regretfully accepted my lot ,that was 20 years ago and he told me I would only get ten years so thankfuly he was wrong again,such is life.

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    @Johnstuart I have replied to your message in the Question forum.

    Has your consultant not said if they can do anything for you, give you any medication to help with the pain?

    Let us know how you are getting on?

    Stay Safe


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    I take morphine 7 or 8 times a day but sleep is my friend but when I wake it starts again it is not life it is existing I also take co-codamol and gabapentin but everyone I see say there is no more they can do Such is life no one said it would be easy.

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    @Johnstuart I had bilateral decompression at L4/L5 as treatment for leg pain and foot drop, That was in Feb 2012 since when I have had no trouble other than the occasional twitch. Keep the faith, in can get better'

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    I had spinal surgery when I was 39 I had 'lost' the whole of my Rt Leg it just didn't work at all @Bigkev Please be careful buying meds online I hope it's a reputable company🤔

    Discs were sorted and a fracture removed etc

    The recovery was very tough, but worth it. I only have three very small areas of numbness now which is tolerable and the pain is pretty good most of the time.

    For me it was definitely worth it the consultant said if I didn't try the op I would be a wheelchair user very soon. I am glad I had it. Just my experience of course.