Living with Hallux Rigidus


Hi, I'm new to this forum but I just wanted any advice on living with Hallux Rigidus and bunions on my left big toe. I have been suffering for about 5 years now but it has got progressively worse and now I also have nerve damage in my middle toes. I often have shooting sensations up my legs and I am constantly aware of my foot even if I'm resting (if that makes sense!). I have tried medication Naproxen (which I have decided against), insoles (which left me in total agony) and cortisone injections which offer some relief. I have the option of surgery but my consultant is very reluctant because of my age (42, I know it's not young but he feels still too young for surgery). My choice of shoes are very limited, my high heel days are well over!! Anybody else have similar experience or any tips??