Arthritis in all usual areas, struggling with pain at present

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Bilateral knee replacements age 53yrs & 56yrs, bone on bone osteoarthritis. Also in shoulder,back, hands, feet, hip now giving me pain. Had denervation of nerves in back three times with chronic pain clinic. Suffering with a lot of muscle pain in my thighs currently, does anyone else get this? Still get pain & clicking in both knee replacements but nothing like prior to the ops as I could hardly walk. Constant pain gets you down. I retired last year & care for my elderly immobile father. Would be interested if anyone gets muscle pain in thighs & what do you do. I take Naproxen daily & recently had to start taking Co-codamol again, diclofenac works better but cannot take it for long. I cannot exercise on dry land but aquafit is brilliant. 58yrs old next month but worried about pain & mobility as I get older!