Read this today - would be very willing to try this rather than take biologics. I wonder what the criteria would be as to who will be offered this?


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Stephd

    I reckon no-one has replied to your post because they can't find much out about this new medication.

    I've looked all over the net and can hardly find any reliable UK based information.🤔

    What l have read it sounds interesting it being a tablet not an injection/infusion for one.

    Like you I'd be interested to know what the criteria would be and how expensive for consultants to even consider prescribing it.

    As soon as more is known I'm sure reliable sites like this one and NRAS will have something we can read.

    Looking forward to hearing more too like you.

  • Mike1
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    According to NICE it is still being evaluated in the UK and the final appraisal document is expected around the 9th December. On another site it says that it is going to cost over £800 for 28 tablets so there may well be an issue for prescribing it.