Unbearable pain

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Hi, I have had Arthritis in my hip for the last 3 years which is awful at times and I am in so much pain but for the last 3 weeks I have somehow got Bursitis in my shoulder which makes my hip pain seem like nothing. I am already on morphine for my hip but this does nothing for my shoulder I am unable to sleep and end up crying most of the night and yelling with pain. I think I have come to the end I don't want to live anymore I really don't and dread waking up just to have to suffer for another 24 hours. Can anyone suggest anything to help please I have tried calling the Doctor but all they tell me is they are not seeing anyone at the surgery at all due to covid 🤬🤬 just thought I would reach out to see if anyone could help me with this misery. Thank you


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    Morning @Yetibee

    Thank you for coming to speak to the Online Community Forum.

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I know how much pain I am in with that so I couldn't begin to imagine how you are feeling having Bursitis in your shoulder.

    Do you have an Arthritis Consultant you can speak to at the hospital?

    Here is a link specially about shoulder pain.

    How long have you felt like you have come to the end? I know it is hard but please don't ever think that. You have reached out to us which is the first step. Are you able to speak to anyone regarding how you are feeling?

    I have attached the free Helpline Number 0800 5200 520.

    If you would like someone to speak to rather than over the computer then they would be the best people to ring.

    We are always here though if you feel that you can't talk to them. Feel free to go into the other discussions as well as you might find people in the same situation as you that can give you other advice.

    Remember you are never alone and being a member of our forum means you are a member of our family!


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    Hi Yetibee, I understand your pain, I have widespread OA and have been on increasing doses of morphine for years which does not relieve the pain, it merely knocks the edge off. I get about 2 or 3 hours kip a night and wake up screaming in pain, then I nod off throughout the day for short periods. I live alone with my cat who I must admit has been my saviour as she relies on me to look after her, in my darkest moments (especially when the DVLA withdrew my driving licence on disability grounds) I have wondered why I am here but my cat (Vixen) has given me a reason to carry on. The problem is that when one is feeling down and depressed it is easy to go further down rather than pick yourself up. Try focusing on the good things around you. As for not being able to see your GP, ALL surgeries have been instructed that they MUST maintain face to face appointments when necessary so I would strongly urge you to try to get past the receptionist and get an appointment. Failing that do what I did once, I turned up on their doorstep before they opened and asked to see a GP - I was seen within 5 minutes!!

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    Hi Yetibee, I’m so sorry to hear the pain has brought you down so low, that must feel terrible for you. I feel certain if the surgery realised the effect the pain is having on your mental well-being they would try to support you better, so do explain to them how you feel at the moment.

    As AJ says, you have made a positive step forward in contacting this wonderful forum, full of people who know how living with constant pain can take over your life. Do ring their helpline, they will be there for you,

    On a practical level, have you tried asking for a referral to a pain clinic? That might be worth looking into.

    and as Mike says, do try to look for positive things in your life. Find small pleasures where you can find them, indulge in things you know make you happy, I have suffered with depression over the years, and I have found just being kind to myself and letting my mind and body rest and recover is so helpful. Being tense and depressed, being inwardly focussed, can magnify the pain and make it feel even worse, so do try to absorb yourself in something, even if it’s just curling up with a bar of chocolate and your favourite movie, doing some craftwork, writing a poem, whatever works for you. It’s a starting point that will give your mind and body a breather.

    i know it’s tough during lockdown, but do you have friends or family you can reach out to and talk about this? Talking and sharing how you feel is really helpful, so do try it.

    if nothing else, keep posting on this site. We know how awful this can get.

    Take care, sending a socially distanced but genuine hug xx