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Hi ..I'm hoping to get a bit of advice from fellow sufferers... A couple of years ago I got heart trouble and ended up with a new aorta and a bypass. The surgery was a success and I had some energy back so I started trying to get fit again. A good plan but unfortunately I couldn't even do the cardio rehab because the surgeon had taken veins from both legs to do the bypass and they just would not heal properly. It took 8 months! Then the ankle pains kicked in when I did anything. I still cant walk more than 100 yards. I have pain relief meds and I've lost 14lbs by dieting but I really need to get moving again. I can't get an appointment for physio for months because it's so busy. Any advice would be appreciated - ☺️


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    Afternoon @scrumpyjax

    I am so pleased you have joined the Online Community Forum. I am also pleased that it is myself that is talking to you. I also have mobility issues due to heart trouble.

    That is a good time frame for it to heal. Well Done! Are you ringing Physio yourself or have you been referred?

    There is a forum that I have attached below which I think you might find interesting.

    They have exercises for all medical conditions and mobility issues. You might find someone in the same situation at you and get some tips.

    Stay Safe


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    Hi @scrumpyjax , sorry to hear you’ve been through the mill. Do try the exercises on “Let’s move with Leon”, they’re as gentle as you need them to be, aimed at slowly increasing mobility in all joints and building up some strength. There are also “joint specific” exercises on this site that you may find helpful.

    I've never found NHS physios much good because you’re limited in how many visits you can have, on top of the horrendous waiting lists. If you can afford it, some visits to a private physio will be quicker and not time limited, and they can offer some treatments and exercises specific to your needs. Mine is around £40 per session, although the first session is usually longer.