Knee replacement.


Hi. I’m new to this forum, looking forward to reading all your advice.

I had a full knee replacement last December. Unfortunately I have been told by consultant that I have the wrong type of arthritis for it to be successful. The pain is now worse as I have nerve pain as well.

Have anyone else been through the same thing??.


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    Hello Jude, welcome to the forum from me.

    I'm so sorry that you've been told that by your consultant. I assume there was a chance of the replacement being successful before you had the operation? Is there any likelihood the pain will settle down? I do hope so and I apologise I can't be of much help.

    Love, Legs x
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    Hi @Jude

    Welcome to the Arthritis on line community,so glad you have found us.

    You have stated that you had a new knee replacement last December but your Consultant says that you have the wrong type of Arthritis for it to be successful,I have Osteoarthritis and have both knees replaced a few years ago but my consultant knew what type of Arthritis I had before my operation.You don't say what type of arthritis you have it would be interesting to know.

    Your pain has got worse as a result of your knee replacement as it has affected nerves in that area. you ask if anyone else has been through the same thing.

    I have found a few links that may help you.

    Hope these links help you,meanwhile why not go onto the forums and chat with others.

    Please keep in touch Christine

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