Waiting on covid results

Developed the flu last weekend and i was due for a doctors app last Monday. For obvious reasons this was cancelled, but i managed to get a phone app with the doctor. She recommended getting a covid test as last weekend was nothing but high temperatures, sweating, dizziness and just feeling rubbish. Phoned up for the test on the Monday, it arrived on the Tuesday and it was taken away by courier on Wednesday. I chose to take the offer of the courier as i couldn't leave the house and i didn't want to hand it to my neighbours! Still waiting on results but i feel confident that it will be a negative. No longer sweating, but just have very tired and sore limbs. I have another doctors app on tomorrow, but as before i won't be going anywhere near the surgery until ive had the test back. Fingers crossed!


  • frogmorton
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    It's taking it's time coming back @kfrweaving

    The sooner you know the better. I'm sure it will be negative too, but it would be good to get that reassurance wouldn't it?

    Take care of yourself and I hope you feel much much better soon