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Hi. I wondered if anyone on here struggled at first to get a diagnosis. I have lots of hip pain, neck pain lower back stiffness also most recently jaw pain which is the worst!! I have been for x rays blood tests etc and nothing is showing up! But I know something is definitely wrong because of the amount of pain I’m in every day. So I was hoping someone else on here has had a similar experience and can help me with anything to help towards a diagnosis ☺️


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    @Sam47 hi, I’m sorry to hear about your pain, I really struggled to get diagnosed, it took me 2 years i was only 8, I was having so many tests and nobody knew until I had it everywhere, try and ask your doctor if you can see a rheumatology they might be able to help, I went to one when I was 10 and straight away she said it was rheumatoid arthritis. I hope you find out soon. Keep safe and good luck xx

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    Hi @Sam47 - your most likely culprit is Osteoarthritis - that doesn't show up on blood tests and x-rays don't always find it. In fact, it's normally quite hard to get a definitive test for OA. It's normally diagnosed from a physical examination by a GP, but an MRI of your joints may help as that can show soft tissue damage too. Check out the symptoms and diagnosis areas on the OA information page here:

    If your GP isn't helping you can always ask to see another GP - some GPs even have a special interest in arthritis if you're lucky enough to find one. And if that doesn't work you can ask to be referred to a pain clinic even without a diagnosis - they just deal with pain, which you have - and a physio therapist can also help if your pain is in your joints and you have stiffness. Your GP can refer you to both without a diagnosis, so don't give up! You can get help anyway.

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