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My other half really struggles with his knees, he had operations on them years ago to repair torn ligaments. At the time the surgeon informed him that he had "early onset arthritis". He was late 20s. Since then, he hasn't had a formal diagnosis of any kind and therefore doesn't have reviews or access to support. I have tried to help him through diet and exercise support, but should our next step be to seek a formal diagnosis via the GP?


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    you say that your other half had an operation in his late 20s for ligaments that were torn.You really ought to go to your GP to be referred to the orthopaedic surgeon.You will then get the support you need.

    Just wondered if this link may be useful

    Please let us know how you get on.Do go to our foums to chat with others it sometimes helps.


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    Even if you don't get a diagnosis, your GP could refer your husband to a pain clinic (if he needs it) and a physio, both of which can help a lot. Definitely go to your GP and talk about it.

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    You should also be able to self-refer to the physio, check out your Health Authority's website.

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    If your OH is still struggling @Ellenthe1st (welcome to the forum by the way!) I think the time may well have come when he would benefit from getting some more help.

    You don't say how old he is, but think it's a fair while ago since he last saw someone so a trip to the GP might not be a bad idea. As others have said some physio/and a pain clinic referral could really help him.

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  • Dear Ellen the1st

    Thank you for your posting on the forum. I am sorry to hear that your other half is struggling with his knees. I see that others have already posted in response to you and their suggestions of getting a formal diagnosis with his GP is the way forward in order that he can manage his condition appropriately. Arthritis can be managed by a combination of treatments including exercise and appropriate pain relief. As others have suggested he can ask to be referred to a pain clinic and a physiotherapist.

    I have attached our information on knee pain that may be of help to you and this includes information on when to see a doctor.

    Knee pain | Causes, treatments and self-management (

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