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I just wanted to share that I have benefitted from a course of Reflexology to help alleviate pain and inflammation in my joints. I suffer from primary Sjogren’s Syndrome which mainly presents as dry eyes, painful inflammation of the joints, and a sluggish digestive system. I am also prone to catching colds and flu due to my compromised immune system.

My symptoms increased during lockdown, and I had very painful arms which impacted negatively on my day to day life. I contacted my rheumatologist, and was prescribed hydroxychloroquine in addition to injectable methotrexate. I visited an osteopath twice but unfortunately this did not have any effect on my pain and mobility. I also found it difficult to sleep through the night and was prescribed Co-Codamol for the pain.

I commenced reflexology in September, and saw an immediate effect. After a couple of treatments I began sleeping through the night without any pain relief. I also found that my energy levels had increased and that my digestive system had been kick started. Incredibly the pain in my shoulders dissipated and for the first time for months I could stretch my arms above my head. I continued treatments and although I have had a couple of minor flare ups, they are so much milder than before.

Reflexology has helped to balance my body and mind and I am certain that without this treatment, I would still be suffering excruciating and debilitating pain. I'm not saying that it will work for everyone - but if you can find a good reflexologist, give it a go!


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    Thank you for this positive post @Aberjonest

    It's lovely to hear when something has worked for and helped someone🙂

    Long may your improvements continue

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    I tried vacuum reflexology a while ago, it left me feeling absolutely washed out and tired. It may work for some?