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Hi I have arthritis in my knees hips toes and some fingers and in constant pain it is really getting me down. I'm pre menopausal too. Which I believe can cause joint pain. Doctor has prescribed co codamol 30/500 and have ibpuraphen too. Which I have been on for a while now I take cod liver oil tabs, omega 3 tabs, tumeric tabs, glucoasamine and chrotein capsuals too. But am still struggling in pain. My family are saying I moan too much cause of the pain, which has really got me down in the dumps. Any help would be appreciated sorry for the long post


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    Regrettably, through nearly 20 experience of widespread OA and other issues, I have not had any medication which got rid of the pain. Even Morphine (in ever increasing doses) only takes the edge off. I suggest that you ask your GP for a referral to your local Pain Clinic, they have the experience to be able to try different medications and treatments which may help.

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    Hi @Freda1100 , I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so low and in so much pain. I'm not so badly affected as you, just the one awful hip and some slightly dodgy knees, and frankly that's bad enough. I can only imagine how tough things are for people like you and Mike. The pain wears me out and is constant, despite similar drugs to you, and is really limiting, so I'm hobbling around slowy with a stick all the time now. I'm lucky that my friends and family are supportive, (there's been lots of arthritis in my family) and I'm self employed so I can adapt how I work to make things a bit easier for myself, but even sitting doing nothing hurts.

    Have you ever sat down and had an honest conversation with your family about how this affects you? Sometimes I think our nearest and dearest just get used to seeing us struggling, limping, grunting and sometimes moaning in pain, and it just becomes part of how they see you. They forget that the reason for all this is that YOU'RE IN PAIN, which isn't to be brushed aside lightly. Maybe get them to wear a pebble in each shoe ALL DAY, as a lesson in how this feels. That might work. I wince with shame when I remember how unsympathetic I was to my poor Granny sometimes when I was young, who was literally crippled with Rheumatoid Arthirits after being so active and capable all her life. Too late to turn that clock back, sadly, but it's been a lesson for me now.

    Try having a look at some of the tips in this link - you may find some of them helpful. There are things you can do to help yourself, and it may help to get some aids in the house to help you do daily tasks more easily.

    Take care xx