I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

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I am 62 and have had two heart attacks and have terrible arthritis I have pain in all my joints day and night I get no piece from it they say there is nothing they can do I am nearly at my wit's end.


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    I understand as I am in a similar situation except for the heart issues thankfully. I would suggest that you ask for a referral to your Pain Clinic if you have not been before. Regrettably they discharged me from it years ago saying that there was nothing further they could do for me, I have become much worse since then so I will be asking for a referral as well when I get round to it!

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    Welcome @Johnstuart and it is lovely that you have joined us on the Online Community Forum.

    Have you spoke to your consultant about your joints pain? Did you have the arthritis before you had the Heart Attacks? I know you said that you were in pain in your joints but is it in any particular joints?

    How is the heart now and has it stopped your mobility. much?

    It would be lovely to see you again on the forum. Have a look around the other forums. Someone on another forum might have been or is going through the same thing.

    Take Care and Stay Safe


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    Hi @Johnstuart , I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I agree, see if you can get referred to a pain clinic. I would imagine managing a heart condition has some impact on what drugs you can tolerate, but you might find some of the suggestions in this link helpful.

    There's more to managing pain than drugs, and many of us have found distraction to be helpful, ie getting absorbed in something you enjoy, whether that be watching sport on telly, jigsaw puzzles, a good book, a good movie, a bit of woodwork, etc etc, if you're having a day when you can't get about, or some gentle exercise, which has so many other side benefits, includingto your heart, your general fitness, mental health, and an endorpin boost. Like many others, I find most exercise painful, including walking, but if I'm gardening (which I love) I can get lost in it and stay on my feet for ages and forget about the pain, and I feel better for it at the end of the day. I know lockdown takes the joy out of a lot of things, but there are ways to work within the current ruiles, and it won't be for much longer now.

    Pain can lead to depression, understandably, so some counselling may also be helpful. Or simply someone to talk to, like the lovely people on our help line. Even just acknowledging you're depressed and allowing yourself a bit of self care can be a starting point, and try to find at least one thing to do each day that will lift your spirits (or loads of things - don't limit yourself!). Take small pleasures where you can findn them. It all helps. Depression can be managed, you don't have to think "this is it forever". It can get better.

    Hope this helps. xx