Does exercise really help in the long run

Is it worth it to push on to through the pain or not . Need to lose weight . Need to reduce fat legs . I'm 67 arthritis (osteoarthritis)slightly everywhere more painful in knees and now ankle .


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    There is exercise to strengthen muscles to help with arthritis and there is exercise to lose weight. Although losing weight is a good thing for arthritis these do not necessarily bear much relation to each other. Eat sensibly and exercise carefully. Good luck.

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    Hi @Twirlywoo5 ,

    I would definitely say that exercise helps in all sorts of ways when you have arthritis. I’ve had RA for over 40 years and I’ve found that if I can keep moving and stretching, I always feel better physically and mentally. Some days it can be hard, but once I’ve done a few stretches or been out for a walk, I’m always glad I’ve done it. As Stickywicket says, there are different sorts of exercises that benefit in different ways. Have a look at the Let’s move with Leon campaign below. It’s a gentle weekly programme of 30 minutes that you can do at home when you like. I’ve been doing it for the past few weeks and I think they’re great!

    Best of luck,

    Anna : )

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    On the occasions when I have to carry a load of heavy files in my office back pack, boy do I feel the extra strain on my arthritic hip. I’d say weight makes a big difference, but it’s hard to lose it by dieting alone. The problem is, the pain’s so bad I can’t really exercise. Exercising for fitness says “push through the pain”, but when you have arthritis, if it’s hurting, stop and try something else, as it will make the inflammation worse and it takes ages to settle. Getting the balance right can be tough, but eat well and sensibly, and do what exercise you can. It will help with mobility if not for overall athletic fitness.

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    Thanks ."stickywicket". I "spoke" to you a few months back . I was not feeling good then . I've been ok but knees thumbs and ankles sore again this last month . Probably due to the cold . I had been having treatment for my worst knee,(injection),in March but not had any contact with the hospital since. I'm starting to feel gloomy again because of the pain. Hospital mentioned surgery in March for the meniscus tear but I am not sure about seeking it(operation) out at the minute due to covid situation. Futures looking bleak again.l am finding it difficult to walk . Haven't said anything to my family as we are all living apart . My son is in London my daughter is a teacher and has covid present in school . My mum is 93 and lives with my sister . My husband has heart failure. As usual I have self diagnosed through google and now worry I have other issues going on . I know others are worse than myself. I've been looking at mobile scooter as something to use perhaps in the future . Its the dull ache from joints that underpins my mood ,(and nothing to relieve it ) and the feeling I can't do what I want to do. Sorry for the moan .....again.

    Thanks Anna I've joined the Leon group and have been doing some exercise however my joints knee especially are quite painful. Will keep trying .

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    You have a fair bit going on here, Twirlywoo, and, in the case of covid restrictions, NOT going on eg visits to and from family. I suspect everything is coming together to make you feel thoroughly fed up and Dr Google isn't helping.

    What does help is if we can feel, at least to some extent, in control. Your GP might be able to help, usually, right now, with a phone appointment but they can be good. Perhaps (s)he could refer you for physio as a personal physio can sometimes help in ways that an online course, however good, can't. Plus, allay your fears about other issues. I'm lucky to live in a low-covid area but, although I've been virtually shielding since March, I'm happy to see my consultant in a higher tier as I know he can help. I just have to be aware and careful.

    It makes no difference if we feel others are worse off. Indeed, it can make us feel guilty and worse! You are important too. Do what you can do and find things you can do which you enjoy. Eat sensibly. Exercise gently - little and often. Be kind to yourself. Give the GP a ring. (S)he might not be able to help but you'll never know if you don't try. Then reward yourself for being brave😃

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    Thank you . You are very kind . You always make time for soothing words and not just for me I can see . I am going to phone the doctor in the new year . He too has been very kind to me . I'm ok . Cleaned the bathroom and put washing in machine so not at a stand still yet. Just another bout of feeling sorry for myself ! (My mum has her covid injection Tuesday !! She can't wait )thanks again 💕

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    Exercise will strengthen joints by increasing the strength of muscles, tendons and ligaments which support the joint and stop it moving. Excess movement without support will increase wear and tear and accidental injury.

    Exercise for us arthers needs to be aimed at us and only up to the limit of what each joint can stand. Going for the ‘burn’, pushing through any muscle pain would be detrimental and cause more problems. Know your limits, non weight bearing exercise helps as does some weight bearing exercise. Ask your GP for a referral to the Pain Clinic. Read up on what this website can provide.

    food intake is more important than endurance exercise in losing weight. Most county councils will run weight loss encouraging programs. I must admit Christmas doesn’t help😂😂😂.

    pits a grin, honest!

  • My osteoarithus is in my right hip and I have seen an X-ray of it, all the cartilage has gone and it is bone on bone articulation. Is gentle walking on it a good idea or is rest better.

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    Thing is you don't want to lose your muscle strength @stoopslane so in your shoes I would still be moving as best i could. ((()))


    Toni xxx
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    Good Morning @stoopslane

    Do read this article scroll down to the part about exercise you will find some gentle ones for your hip:

    Best wishes


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    Hi @stoopslane , I have bone on bone in my hip too. My job keeps me fairly active, so my leg muscles do get a work out, but to be honest I find if I've had a full day on my feet the pain is much worse, so I would say do all things in moderation. Pushing through the pain doesn't apply to arthritis, and quite often I have to rest for long periods for the pain to settle down if I've overdone it. It's really bad at the moment, as the run up to Christmas has had me on my feet much more than usual. Even sitting down or lying in bed is painfyul.

    I did try the exercises when this first got bad, but to be honest it made the pain worse so I stopped. I may be paying for that now, 9 months on, and I do occasionally give it another go, but it just kicks the pain off again. So I ration my active days to things I NEED to do rather than expending it on exercise. At least I will have got something done while making my hip worse.

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    Thanks everyone . I have joined the working with Leon programme and am joining in with the exercises. I didsee a specialist at the hospital in March and had a cortisone injection which helped a bit. He did mention some keyholesurgery to do with my meniscus tear. I haven't heard anything since. I don't know whether to contact my gp and ask about another injection or pursue the surgery. I don't want to end up in hospital at the moment. The main pains from the meniscus tear and the knee joint. I can feel the bones grinding when I walk. I know its probably feeling worse due to cold weather and damp. Things are bad too because of the lock down . I feel every day is another day to simply get through and then there will be another day of the same weary pain .I am diverting my mind from the pain by writing stories for my grand children and I also have knitting projects on the go . A tad boring. I used to walk the children to nursery and back a year ago witha bit of a limp. Now I have to grit my teeth to limp down the street. My other knee and ankles jab a bit but I think that is to do with the weather. I've looked into buying an electric mobility scooter for longer outings inthe future with my grandchildren. And I've looked into paying in to private healthcare.We have a private health care hospital near by. They do physio and kneesurgery . Last Feb I did visit a private physio and she said because of the meniscus tear she wouldn't give me any exercises to do. I'm in two minds whether to email her explaining the above and asking her for her thoughts again. Are there any physios here who would just comment on the exercise side of things.Hope you all are OK. Wondering if we'll,ll ever get out of this.