Changing medication.


For the past few years iv taken co-codamol. I haven't found it effective for some time now. So after a conversation with my GP I am now going to try zomorph. Have any of you guys tried this medication and how did you find it? I'm going to wait until the weekend to try them just in case they make me drowsy.


  • Mike1
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    Zomorph is slow-release morphine and it is one of the meds that I am on. I have been on it for years and have had no side effects but after a while one does get used to it and requires a higher dose to achieve the same results. Oramorph, liquid morphine, was added to my list of meds to add an extra hit as and when required. Everyone is different though, some have side effects and some don't; one of the reported side effects of morphine is sleepiness and I would be tremendously grateful if it affected me that way as I only get 2 or 3 hours kip a night. Despite taking morphine in its different guises it still only knocks the edge of my pain, it doesn't get rid of it.