I’m new to the forum so apologies if this subject has been discussed previously.

I suffer from chronic back pain due to severe OA in my lumbar and cervical spine. My facet joints are causing increasing pain. I’m taking 1800 mg Gabapentin which helps with my “nerve” pain but I’m allergic to Tramadol and take occasional Paracetamol.

A friend has recommended CBD patches and wondered if anyone has experience of using CBD topically?

Jim Drummond


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    Hi @jeddee and welcome to the Online Community, it's great to have you here.

    Chronic back pain as a result of OA in your spine can be very difficult to manage and you have a course of gabapentin with paracetamol to help. You might find this thread where members discuss taking gabapentin to be a useful read: https://community.versusarthritis.org/discussion/51940/how-do-people-deal-with-the-side-effects-of-gabapentin

    CBD is type of cannabinoid – a natural substance extracted from the cannabis plant and often mixed with an oil (such as coconut or hemp) to create CBD oil.

    We know anecdotally from some people with arthritis, that CBD has reduced their symptoms. If you’re considering using CBD to manage the pain of your arthritis, it’s important to remember it cannot replace your current medicines, and it may interact with them, so please do not stop/start taking anything without speaking to a healthcare professional.

    Do join in across the Community, give advice, ask questions and call in for a chat or to say how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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    I have Psoriatic Arthritis and take some very strong painkillers like Oxycodone and Pregabalin. I like you was tempted to take CBD oil. I did take it and it was the strong type. However it did nothing for me. It never made one bit of a difference. And I agree get you Doctors thoughts before you take anything.

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    Put "CBD" in the search box at the top left of this page and it will bring up several discussions on the subject. My thoughts, waste of time and money!

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    I tried it for Shingles pain it was so bad I was admitted to hospital as having kidney failure, they were worried about me. I also have Rheumatoid but the pain of Shingles was unbelievable and even now 2 years on my left leg is still affected although the pain has gone. So anyway, I rubbed it in ( the scabs had dried) and within minutes I had a strange taste in my mouth. It made no difference whatsoever so I tried over several days to see if it needed to build up. Each time the taste was appalling. My GP said it was okw to rub in, but never swallow. It appears that it can affect taste too. In my view its a waste of money and its expensive too. I found pregabalin worked and I knew it was addictive but didn't care as the pain was truly dreadful. I used it for several months then weaned off without any real problem. As a pure accident I discovered Deep Freeze was good and you must check with the doctor before using CBD I'd just add my friend who I gave the pot too to try on her swollen hands said it worked so it might be like medications sometimes its a no one size fits all thing.

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    After being in absolute agony for months with psoriatic arthritis, my husband bought me cbd+ oil from Holland and Barrett. I was very dubious about taking it but wow. After about 10 days my life has improved astronomical. I couldn't get out of bed without help most days now I'm back doing almost everything I used to enjoy (within reason)

    please remember that other stores on the high street also sell cbd oil as do online stores Yvonne x

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    I have similar issues and there is no ‘one answer’, the pain clinic therapy helped enormously, as does moderate exercise, being careful what Ido, avoiding lifting etc etc, using hot wheat bags a lot, madam uses my massage machine on me twice a day if I start to get niggles (it stops muscles knotting up and causing more pain)I stopped taking pain killers regularly about 5-6 years ago, they didn’t work and sent me to sleep a lot. Resting in between all the above helps and not overdoing anything helps. Doing my hobbies/DIY/gardening/housework helps a lot, it keeps me distracted and moving around.

    So, a multi disciplined approach to a common problem. Drugs are not the single answer and if CBD was we all be on it, free from the NHS.

    its a grin, honest!