Osteoporosis psoriatic arthropathy


I'm struggling at present with 2fractured of my back discs as I have osteoporosis. I simply just moved my ironing board and the fractured were the result.i! On biologic injections but hasn't seemed to help. So at present I'm waiting to hear from the hospital hoping I will be seen.The pain is simply alful.is there anyone else who has treatment for osteoporosis had fractured whilie on some call super drugs.


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    I don't know what you mean by biologic drugs. I know they are used for inflammatory Arthritis such as RA, not for Osteoporosis. The drugs for OP aren't pain killers, but are

    I have four spinal fractures just by trying to sit up in bed.

    Your GP should be able to prescribe you with drugs for OP. I also use Fentanyl patches for pain, along with Oromorph and Paracetamol.

    Apart from the section on here about OP

    you could also visit https://theros.org.uk/ which is specifically for Osteoporosis.

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    Hi @Megyackee1

    From your heading it looks like you’ve got Psoriatic Arthritis as well as osteoporosis. The biologic injections you’re getting are probably for the arthritis rather than the osteoporosis and you need something else to deal with the pain from your fractures.

    It can seem a long time when you’re in pain and waiting for the hospital to call. Could you contact your GP to let them know how much pain you’re in? They may be able to prescribe something or maybe find out more about your hospital wait time?

    All the bst - do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna : )

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    Hi Anna I'm on methotrexate for psoriatic naturopathy and I have a biologic injections every 6 months for my osteoporosis.I was to be seen in the new year.But Oxford where I live is now in tier 4. So keeping my fingers x.Jill