Hi my name is Norma

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Hi just to say hello and ask if there are others who like me are feeling low and struggling with pain in all joints and how do you cope would really be grateful for any advice or tips please


  • anneb82
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    Hello @Norms04

    Welcome and thank you for joining the forum!

    It sounds like you are having a difficult time of it the moment, especially with pain, which Im sure a lot of us can relate to.

    Below is a link to the Versus Arthritis website section on arthritis and has lots of useful sections such as types of arthritis, pain and treatments etc.

    Ive also included a link to our living with arthritis section as this includes lots of practical advise that you may find useful.

    I hope that these links will be of help to you, but please feel free to continue to post on the forum and share your journey as there are a lot of people that you can talk to and make friends with.

    Take care

    Anne x

  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Norms04 , I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling right now. Pain can get you down when it seems so unrelenting, it it can become a bit of a vicious cycle, the pain make you feel low, and feeling low makes the pain seem worse as you become so inward focussed, and both of them make you disinclined to do anything to take your mind off it and cheer yourself up a bit. And soit continues.

    it’s hard to break out of this sometimes, but start small and build it up. Find small pleasures where you can, and try a bit of self care. You are worth looking after, eat more healthy (and tasty) foods, treat yourself to little things that pick you up a bit - a good movie, a phone call with a good friend, a bit of chocolate, a visit to your favourite places, whatever works for you, and try to find things to do that will take your mind off it. This will also boost your mood (a bit of light gardening does it for me, even if it is a bit painful during and agony after - it cheers me up so much I feel it’s worth it), and should take your mind off the pain for a while, and depending on what you do, may even get you a bit more mobile.

    try some of the exercises on “Let’s move with Leon”, they’re very gentle, and quite good fun. Just do the bits you can manage. Everything you do from now on is a start.