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Hi all I am jewels and I have arthritis of the hip and lower back. I am 45 and have not long found out I've had sciatica for years but just over a year ago. My right hip got really painful and I started to walk with a limp my gp referred me to a physio which I was with for 9 months and in that time sent me for mri scans on my hip and lower back then after that I got sent to see a orthopaedic consultant on the 18 November soon as he seen me he gave me crutches and sent bloods off as he said he was surprised how much wear and tear there was on my hip I've always been active walking to and from shopping with bags up to a year ago now I struggle to get to the corner shop without being in a lot of pain just need to get my head around it all sorry for the essay lool


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    Hi @Jewels , welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    I see from your first post that you have arthritis of the hip and lower back as well as sciatica.  You are an active person but now find yourself in a position where even visiting the local shop is challenging.

    You say that you’re looking for some advice well you’ve definitely come to the right place.

    In addition to input from forum members you may find some of the following content on the VA website useful:

    I hope that the combination of information available on our website plus input from forum members provides you with the advice you’re looking for.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Thank you I'll be having a good look

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    Hi @Jewels, your story sounds much like mine, what I thought was sciatica for years, then a bit of a limp, then “hello wrecked hip”, previously very active, now can only just make it down the road to the shops with my stick. Mine came up rather suddenly too, and it does take time to get your head around it, and start to adapt how you live. It’s important to keep focusing on the good stuff, and for everything you have to give up, find something you enjoy to replace it. Hopefully you’ll get on a regime of painkillers that will keep you reasonably mobile. And if you can, keep the rest of your body active. Try signing up for “Let’s move with Leon” on this site, gentle strengthening and toning exercises that will help keep your body mobile.

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    Hi lily Mary thanks for your support I'm not feeling to bad today the painkillers are a godsend at times I hope you have had a good day as well I'm just waiting on my appointment to come through to see what my bloods say he wanted to see me in 3 weeks that was 4 weeks ago and still no appointment hopefully soon 🤞

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    Hi @Jewels , you can always ring to chase them up if it’s overdue, I would. Glad the meds are helping you.

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    js1.hi everybody I am new to this forum , I was told over the phone that I have arthritis by a GP with symptoms of awful pain at the base of the thumb on both wrists, it’s does wear off and is a little better during the day but during early hours in the morning it is excruciating pain and dull ache to the top of my arms bringing me to tears ,as I am asthmatic as well I cannot have ibuprofen drugs but was told I could have ibuprofen gel go to the chemist but I felt a bit nervous about using it , I did ask the chemist and he said it’s totally out of order, so I then got back to the GP surgery to tell them and they sent a message assuring me it’s fine so there was a bit of conflicting opinions between the GP and the chemist leaving me unsure what to do,But I am using the gel without any problem at moment ,I don’t tolerate most drugs very well because of side effects and bad experiences in the past which leaves me paranoid so I don’t really want painkillers which make you feel spaced, out ,any advice would be great to see if there is anything better I can use Thankyou

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    Welcome to the Forum,@Js1. It sounds like you are finishing 2020 in a bad way. Let's hope 2021 goes better,

    Your GP has diagnosed arthritis, but you don't say what type.Ypur pain is at the base of the thumb/wrist and involves your arms and is worse at night, a common feature.

    Here is a link to some information that may help you:

    Hand and wrist pain | Causes, exercises, treatments

    and this:

    Exercises to manage pain | Back, neck, knee and foot exercises (

    If you have a trawl round the forum, I am sure that you will find others who are in a similar position. Keep us in touch with your progress and best wishes for 2021,

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    If it's any help I also can't do ibuprofen it does dreadful things to my stomach, but it seems in most of us the gel doesn't do that.

    If it's helping keep going with it.

    Have you thought about trying some thumb/wrist splints. Just wondering whether something like that could help at night? I have some for carpal tunnel and they help me a lot as my wrist is kept in the correct position overnight.

    and finally have you tried a warm wheat-bag (the kind you heat up in the microwave?

    They can be so soothing and comforting. Such a simple thing can help no end.

    Once this COVID thing settles maybe you could go and see your Dr in real life and get referred to a physio or even have some images taken of your hand/wrist.

    Take care


    Toni xxx