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Newly diagnosed with PSA

first symptoms in lockdown very stiff fingers !

Drs prescribed pain pills naproxen then co codomol ect and I felt like I needed to know what was happening so asked Dr for referral

Spoke to Rheumatology consultant and told him symptoms and I do have a few skin problems and nail changes had xrays and Mri

xrays show osteoarthritis in thumb and wrists

Mri showed inflammation in joints and tendons below the knuckles.

so in the next few weeks he wants to inject steroids into my joints I’m a bit scared 😟

I’m 44 and I just needed some support I’ve had to give up my hairdressing work due to hands being so painful 😣


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    Hi @Hairobsessed123 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum.

    So you’ve recently been diagnosed with PSA resulting in stiff fingers. Your xrays and mri show OA and inflammation. The result is that you’ve had to give up your hairdressing work. You’re now faced with having steroid injections.

    I’m sure all this must be daunting, but hopefully the forum can help you get through this.

    If you haven’t already visited our website then you may find the following links of interest:

    I’m sure that forum members will be able to offer you advice based upon their own experiences. As such I would encourage you to fully interact with the various topics available.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Hi too have Osteoarthritis around my thumb area wrists and joints it took me a while to have the injections in my thumb area in both hands the GP was really supportive took me through what would happen she was very gentle as the area was so painful I’m so glad I had this done it has made such a relief and made a difference to every day activities

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    Hi Sassy56 - welcome to the online community.

    Just thought I'd let you know you've posted to someone's activity wall instead of posting on the main discussion. Lots of people don't know to check their activity wall, so this may not be the best way of communicating I'm afraid. I've asked an admin to move this to the main discussion - I hope that's ok!

    I can see you know what you're up to with your Osteoarthritis - if you do have any questions I and everyone here am very happy to help you.

    In case there is some information here which can help, here's some

    information about OA

    Do have a look around the rest of the community and see if you would like to join in. Everyone is very friendly here, so please don't worry about speaking up.

    It's lovely to meet you!


  • Hairobsessed123

    Hi @sassy56

    I’ve got osteoarthritis in thumb and wrists but also psoriatic arthritis in my fingers as well ! I’m glad your G.P has been gentle are the injections painful? I’ve got to have an urgent appointment with rhumatology consultant for mine and discuss treatment 😣 also he said to clear my schedule for a few days after I really have no idea what to except accept more pain 😣