Tired of being tired.


Hi all. Iv come to accept bouts of fatigue are a part of having arthritis. But the past month or so I feel like iv been stuck in a constant cycle of exhaustion. Also my pain levels have increased. I know there's a direct link with chronic pain and fatigue. This is the longest bout of fatigue I have experienced. I'm tired of being tired.


  • Lilymary
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    Hi @DODGYKNEES , I’m sorry to hear you’re so wiped out, AND in pain. It’s wretched. I was just getting over 3 years of ME when the OA kicked off and put me back on the sofa 🙁. I’m sure you’re aware of pacing and nursing yourself through spells like this. I found looking for little moments of joy helped me through, and refusing to feel guilty about feeling so lousy and helpless. I hope the pain eases soon and your energy starts to pick up again, the little blighters do feed off each other.