sorry I have been missing

All I can say is I am totally cream crackered. My crohns disease has been going mental, our new dog is off her head and now has an animal behaviourist we have another dog. My daughters car was totaled last week and the police did not test the driver concerned ( in a 30 zone he pushed a parked car 20 feet) and I have just finished icing 15 christmas cakes and one wedding cake . Friends who helped to do the hay in the summer ( how long ago that feels) got married yesterday so I made them a cake and the bouquet and it was great to repay their help.

But everything takes so much longer and more energy and causes more pain I am still trying to knit socks for Christmas but they will be late maybe as late as Easter! I hope to have time and energy to be on the site in the coming days. We don't have a tree this year as Meg has panic attacks.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Sue


  • Ellen
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    Merry Christmas to you to tooSue!🎄

    You definitely have too much on - I hope when it's too late to do any more you put your feet up and rest a bit.

    Best wishes


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  • Brynmor
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    Lovely to see you back @stellabean

    Please do take things a little easier - a relaxing 🍷at the end of the day helps me no end!

    Happy Christmas.

  • Lilymary
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    HI @stellabean , nice to hear from you. Wow, that it s a lot to take on even if you were feeling well. Try not to burn out completely, it's ok to rest. Even at Christmas. I'm sure the recipients would feel happier getting their socks late than knowing you'd made yourself ill trying to complete them xx

  • stellabean
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    Thanks folks I am not stressing any more they will be done when they are done. I just had to get the cakes done as they are gifts and people look forward to getting them so much many are elderly we have delivered the last one today.

    The insurance rang and have made a rubbish offer my daughter was so upset so I spoke to the man needless to say she has refused their first offer.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi Sue!

    No she must stick her ground your poor daughter 😕 Two of mine have lost out with their cars and other people. One was car jacked and is only just now recovering as good a car as she had 5 years later. The other had hers stolen and is still driving around in a basic fiesta well below the standard of the car which was pinched.

    You need to rest a bit I think your🧦 can wait. Your health needs to come first now. The cakes are done - enough!!

    to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stellabean
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    My daughter has the loan of a car so she has raised a complaint as she had just spent nearly £600 on tyres and brakes etc in October. I think they try it on sometimes. We are writing a letter of complaint to the Chief Constable as they have been testing people who were sitting in parked cars when they were hit as there is a push on over drink driving and this driver had been on something. She can't afford not to have a reliable car as we have very little public transport it is 26 plus miles to supermarkets and the nearest butchers is 13 miles away. The little idiot has been going round the village full of himself as he thinks he is getting a newer car out of this.

  • frogmorton
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    So WRONG!!! @stellabean

    When Tia's car was stolen the idiots were all over the net videoing themselves in 'their' new car throwing Tia's property out of the boot and laughing.The Police did NOTHING! not a thing! They are still stealing other people's cars even now so other people are going through this too.

    I hope you get somewhere with the Chief Constable.

    Best of luck and Merry Christmas the best you can have to you and yours ((())) Thanks for your company this year.