HIps and backs


Does anyone with OA in their hips end up with back pain? I'm starting to get this more now, and could do without it.

I was reading on this site that you can end up with a slight change in leg length with the cartilege is gone (makes sense) and this is part of the cause of a limp. I have to say it does feel that way sometimes. I guess if that's the case, that might explain the back pain?


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    This is me to a t. I have arthritis in my hip and I limp and have to use crutches and the bottom of my back has arthritis in it and the pain is immense so I know exactly how you feel I take co codamol daily for the pain and hot water bottles and hot baths ask your consultant about how he can help you with the pain. I'm still trying to adjust just take one day at a time and you'll start to get into a routine with arthritis it's on a journey with us not the other way around 👍

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    Very few people end up with just the one problem. If you change the way you walk, maybe without knowing then it will have an effect somewhere else. I only have to change my shoes, wear slippers or just socks to notice.

    It may be that the wear and tear in your spinal column has been happening for a while but not showing up as pain? or it has caused you to walk differently, until you see a consultant you’ll never know?

    What you do have to do is manage the condition, as I try to point out to others, the NHS only does so much, the rest is self management and no amount of diagnosis or painkillers can takeover that need.

    Start by searching the topics on here, there’s a few years worth of chatter and advice. As arther affects most of us in his own way then we need to take advice from different subjects.

    pits a grin, honest!

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    Very often on here I have read about people who have pain in their hips - turns out to be their backs and vice versa.

    This is why often MRIs are done of the hip and back when 'they' investigate.

    Do let us know how you get on