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Hi all.

I'm a 54-year old woman who was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 6 weeks ago. Hoping to learn more about the condition, and how to manage and live with it, whilst minimising any negative impact it may have on my life.

All knowledge and tips gratefully received 😊!



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    Hello @Buzz and welcome to the Online Community.

    With a recent diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis you are now looking for more information and help: you have come to the right place 😀

    Psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis are autoimmune conditions. Our immune system protects us against illness and infection. In autoimmune conditions, the immune system becomes confused and attacks healthy parts of the body.

    Both conditions can affect people of any age.

    We have a great page of information and links dealing with the subject on our web site. Here you can also find lots of tips such on managing symptoms and living with psoriatic arthritis.

    Do join in across the Community, you will be most welcome.

    All best wishes


  • Ellen
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    Another person new yesterday who also has PsA in case you are interested @Buzz

    Best wishes