Frustrating, innit?

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Greetings all. Wishing you all a better 2021. Just to introduce myself with a whinge - immobility caused by back and knee arthritis is soooo frustrating! And the hands won't do as they are told either. Grrrrr.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @SaraSiloko welcome to the Online Community. Living with Arthritis can indeed be frustrating, but this is a very supportive Community who will do their best to support you and distract you from living with the condition.

    Our members tend to be very positive looking for solutions to difficulties and sharing with each other in the 'Living with Arthritis' category. 'Chit chat' is more about distraction...normal life and having a laugh too.

    We also have a 'Let's Move' category which isn't about running marathons, but sharing what we can and do to keep as healthy as our limitations allow.

    Some info about hands here:

    Please just join in now wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


  • Jona
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    Hi Sarasiloko

    Whinge away I have it in my hands, shoulders spine, knees and hands I also have spondylosis with oseophytes lose mobility in my right arm and feels like I’m being cattle prodded feel quite clumsy with my hands at times in fact but looks like I’m dancing hey ho at least people hear me coming either by the clicking of my knees or I drop things I guess if we all got together we could make music haha

    Try to keep smiling, these days my sons call me clicking click