Feeling crap and could do with some advice


Hi all feeling really crap today. I've felt tired all day my hands and feet have been hurting a lot the past few days and don't know if this means it's starting in other places. I've not told anyone on here yet but I've also got a condition called silent migraine which by the name you'd probably think I have bad headache but nooo instead it affects the right side of my body which means I can't move or speak for around 2 hours at a time I'm aware of everything that is going on but I just can't do anything basically I'm trapped in my own body I haven't had one for a few weeks so I'm now getting anxious about when the next ones coming I take amitriptyline for it and I am taking co codamol for the arthritis it's just that my feet have been hurting so much more than my hands I'm worried about it sorry for going on like this any advice would be appreciated xx