Has anyone had a steriod epidural injection that can give me some advice & also is it painful ?

My doctor has referred me to to the pain management team he thinks they might do an steriod epidural injection to help with my osteoarthritis in my spine. I've never heard of this & do they work.


  • Mike1
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    I had several of these years ago, they are not that bad and are designed to give relief for up to 3 months, however they only worked on me for about 2 weeks. I think I had 3 or 4 in total before the consultant at the pain clinic gave up and I had 2 denervations instead, neither of which worked. Since then I have gone downhill to such an extent that they have said there is nothing more they can do. If you are offered the injections they are well worth a try as they may work for you, I am in favour of trying absolutely anything if there is a chance that my pain levels can be reduced.

  • Gina
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    Thank you Mike1 bless you, sounds like you have had it all done. Even though I have had osteoarthritis in quite a few of my joints it's my spine & hands that are giving me all the pain at the moment. I have been waiting over a year for injection in my hand now, due to covid 19 there referring me to physio now. The pain clinic for my spine. You are so much further down the road than me , but sounds like a really bumpy road

  • stellabean
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    Hi Gina I had one of these but it made things worse as the doctor hit a nerve but it doesn't go to say you will have a bad result.I have spinal degeneration oa and ra in a large number of my joints and damaged discs in my neck following an attack 20 plus years ago fibromyalgia and other health problems. I have attended pain clinic but had a strange experience with the psychologist who decided my neck pain was due to my refusal to talk about my many miscarriages. I see a specialist physio for treatment of specific joints and for a weekly pilates session for crocks like us. I hope you get sorted soon. Even without Covid I waited 15 months for my pain management appointment in 2000 and my GP wouldn't give me any meds until I had seem them.

  • Gina
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    Bless you, you sound a lot worse than me with everything you have got going on. The pain management team were supposed to call me today but they cancelled 😥 so I now have to wait for another appointment. The dr hasn't referred me for physio for my back but they have for my hands but still waiting for a appointment to come through. Have you found anything has helped?

  • stellabean
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    I used a tens machine for a while but that was mainly for my neck and I stopped using after some time as it seemed to have stopped working .I find just keeping my joints moving as much as possible I have rested painful ones in the past and it has been such a struggle getting their range of movement back hard or near impossible.I find the pilates and gentle exercise helps me I have tried medications from the GP but my body loves to have drug reactions so I tend to not do well on them.

    It is so annoying when an appointment you have waited for is cancelled and you have no ides when the next one will be I do hope you will not have too long to wait. My daughter has waited since february for an appointment with a hand surgeon it has been cancelled once so far and she is due to see him on 22nd of Jan but we are expecting it to be cancelled again. I hate to say we may have to go private as she has had the problem since 2018 and it has taken this long for her to be referred.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Gina

    I never had steroid injections into my spine (had surgery in the end), but my EX MIL used to have them regularly and for her the gave MONTHs of relief she loved them.

    I also have a friend who damaged her back she has them o a rolling programme and swears by them.

    Like Stellabean I have used a tens in the past in fact i have worn 2 out, but they sort of seem to (in my own opinion of course) confuse the brain about what is going on. I found I had to turn the power up more and more over (quite along) time.

    Definitely worth a try as is heat. Warm wheatbags for instance.

    Best of luck

  • Tracie
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    Hi Gina

    I had one a while ago unfortunately didnt help .but for some people it does. I would say it doesnt hurt you just feel slight pressure . Def worth a go it could help. For my neck n spine wireless tens machine really works. With other joints drugs amertripoline n naproxen really helps my oestoatheritis n fibromyalgia. Good luck

    Stay safe

    Tracie x