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Let's move

czkdczkd Member Posts: 19

I've also signed up to the let's move with Leon. When does it start? When do we get the first session?



  • PoppyjanePoppyjane Moderator Posts: 97

    Hi there czkd

    I followed Leon and his mother in the Lets Move exercise programme in the twelve weeks before Christmas. I found it very helpful because you can set your own pace and repeat the exercises as often or not depending on how good you are feeling that day/week.

    I will check when the new sessions are starting but I am sure that since you have signed up you will get your own individual notification sent through.

    I hope you enjoy and benefit from the Lets Move experience as many of us in the community have done so.

    Best wishes

    Jane ( Moderator)

  • PoppyjanePoppyjane Moderator Posts: 97

    Hi @czkd

    I have had it confirmed that once you have signed up you will be notified and receive an email each week. I hope you enjoy Lets Move.


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