Hi everyone,

Just seen on TV that Nicola Sturgeon has imposed a national lockdown from midnight tonight.

The prime minister Boris Johnson will be addressing the nation tonight at 8pm which is being televised on bbc1 as to what will happen in England.

I am currently shielding due to being clinically vulnerable but until this virus is brought under control then lockdowns may be the only way. I know the vast majority of us have followed the guidance to the letter but there have been cases where some people have flouted the regulations such as meeting up New Year to have parties. They are selfish and have shown no regard to other people. The new strain of the virus is more contagious that the first strain hence it spreads to more people quickly.

Stay safe everyone.

Karen 🐶


  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    Let's hope that they keep this lock down in place until the majority of us have received the vaccine as I think that that will be the only way of controlling the spread. New Zealand, South Korea an even China have managed to control it by doing exactly this! As for the mindless morons that ignore the rules and continue to go out and about without masks, without social distancing etc; especially the idiots that went to that hospital on Sunday protesting that the virus is a hoax; they should be rounded up and herded off to a remote island somewhere as they obviously have a death wish!

  • Kazza52
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    Hi everyone,

    The hospital in question was in Essex. I agree with Mike that some people are morons. The infection rates and death rates speak for themselves. It is NOT a hoax. The second spike is the reason why we have this lockdown.

    Seeing the poor staff in our hospitals speak volumes. They are working tirelessly with hardly any sleep and their mental and physical wellbeing is being tested to the limit.

    I was disgusted seeing people on tv flouting the rules over Christmas and New Year. Are they idiots (clearly they are) and it is them that is causing the infection rates to rise and people ending up in hospital.

    I am now shielding for the foreseeable future and I hope to receive the vaccine very soon (I am keeping my fingers crossed).

    The lockdown is the only way people will take heed and because it is now the law anyone breaching lockdown rules will be fined or prosecuted although I do think these measures should have been brought in before Christmas rather than now.🐶

    Stay safe everyone.