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Hello all I have had RA for 11 years and now OA thrown into the mix. Up to now I have managed the RA when it flared up but now each time I am left with joints that will not come to the party and let me get back to full speed. I walk whenever I can but do need to take exercise that will not set me back. It good knowing company is out there. Cheers for 2021


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    Hello @Normajean

    Welcome to the Online Community. It's lovely to have you on board. It looks as though you will have plenty to offer to our newer members having both Rheumatoid and Now Osteoarthritis. I am sure they will in turn support you too.

    I see you take exercise, but would like to do more. If you haven't already seen it do take a loo at our 'Let's Move' Category:

    Best wishes


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    That seems a perfect description of RA. At first, it flares then we recover. Then it flares and we don't seem to quite recover. Then OA sets in. Well, this is how it was for me but DMARDS weren't available back then. If yours is nothe well controlled you might need more meds as well as exercise - though the latter is always essential.

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    I have OA badly in one hip and I suspect mildly elsewhere. I’m afraid I find that any “exercise” (as opposed to daily work or housework routine) sets me back around 2-3 days waiting for my hip to recover. This is just the gentle stuff with Leon. Until this kicked off around 10 months ago, I was at pilates and yoga twice a week, and regularly did big fell walks, so I understand the importance of stretching and toning exercises, but even if it’s not hurting (much) when I exercise, after just 30 minutes exercise I’m crocked for days after, so I’ve had to stop. As for walking, I can barely get round the shops, using a stick. From hero to zero in short order. 😢