Osteoarthritis spinal stenosis & fibromalgia & drop foot

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Hi everyone I’m finding it very hard at the moment coping with my pain and anxiety & im getting spasms in my legs from my spinal stenosis which is so painful I was due to have camera operation on my knee yesterday but it was cancelled my bone is crumbling on inside of my knee replacement and my knee replacement is painful and not bending due to corrosion so my pain is pretty bad at moment I feel quiet low I only had my hip replaced 2 years ago and last year my right knee but now my left one is bad and I have already had it replaced twice already I always try to keep smiling even thou the pain doesn’t ever seem to go away


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Mini

    I don't know about you, but a lot of us are find this a more anxious time than usual due to the uncertainty about treatment and care for our arthritis while the NHS are so busy dealing with COVID.

    Most of us on here find our pain doesn't ever go away entirely, but we get it to a level we can live with and try to get on without thinking about it too much.

    Those spasms (along with shooting pains) are horrible because you are constantly on edge waiting for the next one. I am so sorry.

    Keeping smiling is essential because it makes people want to be around you and makes the world a happier place.

    Take care

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    Och dear love you, you are brave, so sorry... The dratted virus is holding everything up, I do hope you are seen to before long. In the meantime, just maybe your doctor could give you something for the leg spasms coming from the spine, ask. Best wishes x

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    Hi Mini

    i also have shooting stabbing pains in my arms and legs due to the stenosis and always terrified for when the next one is coming it’s pretty rubbish I know I’ve just bought a tens machine that sticks on at the top of my spine not tried it yet but will do when I can get someone to position it right

    have you got oseophytes as I have and it’s those that are pressing on the spinal column and leg spasms Saltmarsh is right ask your doctor for something to help

    keep strong and take care

    Jona 😊

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    In a nutshell it is as frogmorten puts it. I am I admit, not overly anxious but I concede that many of us will have longer waits and the government will have to find ways of reconciling patients and treatments but for the moment that is in the future and we need to live our lives for this moment not wait for the

    I am still very much alive when others aren’t so my request for more help can wait.

    I’ve just spent a day looking after my 18 month old gd, who is bubbling over with words and energy and she can make me forget my woes at any time.😄.

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    Hi everyone finally going in for my operation on the 16th of March just a worry why my left knee replacement has corrosion and won’t bend and be glad to find out why my bone is crumbling around knee just taking one day at a time at mo and going at my own pace 💖2 you all xxxx