Hi does anyone use Zinc as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis or researched it at all ?


  • frogmorton
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    Never have @Kesa27

    but look at this information:

    It looks as though too much could actually be harmful to our bones😮

    I take a vegan multivitamin which has zinc in it.

  • Mike1
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    I just take a multi-vitamin as I don't eat much fresh food.

  • Dali
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    Hi Kesa27,

    I use it on a daily basis, unfortunately we don’t get enough Zinc from food, so I take as a supplement. I found the half moons on my fingernails have disappeared except my thumbs! So it must be making a difference ☺️

    I use Vimergy products sold only by aggressive health in the UK, as they don’t add any fillers or unnecessary chemicals.

    Best of luck with your research;)

  • Chris_R
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    Welcome to the online community,glad you have found us.You don't say what type of arthritis you have it would be good to know although I see you have suffered from a lot of other things by your posts and you are responding to others posts which is great.

    Take care and keep safe and keep on chatting


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  • Saltmarsh
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    RA is immuno-suppressent. I supplement a careful diet with zinc 10mgs & vit D3 (if necessary discuss latter dose with Pharmacist).

    Good luck.