Living with Arthritis

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Good morning,

I wanted to say hello and join a community where you felt supported on the good and bad days. I have suffered with left leg issues since the birth of my daughter 13 yers ago. We ended up with an emergency C section and I had complications during the surgery.

I have full movement on my right hand side but very difficult to have the same on the left. The arthritis is in the hip. Today I seem to be having a bad day. Twinging and feeling quite emotional I haven't felt like this for a while. Over Christmas I completely relaxed any exercise and at the weekend I really don't feel like doing anything. This probably is making everything worse.

During the early part of last year I was able to walk 4-5 miles every day. After a while this began to aggravate the hip and I had to give walking up.

Warmest regards

Ellena xx


  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Ellena40 , wlecome to the crew. Sorry you've hit a rough patch. My hip's rubbish too, and some times are worse than others, particularly if I've been on my feet a lot or doing a lot of bending etc for work, housework/gardening etc. I just have to let it settle down for a few days. A hot wheatbag sometimes helps in the evenings. It can leave me feeling wiped out too, and it's our bodies telling us to rest and let the joint recover. Bloomin' inconvenient it is too, but sadly there's no way round it. We just have to deal with it and wait for it to settle down again and for our energy levels to come back.

    It's ok to feel emotional about it. We all do from time to time. Mostly I'm fine, but prone to the occasional bit of "woe is me" or a full meltdown, which to me says I'm handling it as well as can be expected. You can't stay chipper all the time when you're in constant pain.

    Hope your hips settles down a bit for you soon.

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    Hi @Elena40 I have arthritis in my hips too, to start with it was in my left hip but because of the way I walk (slight limp) has now gone to the right hip which seems worse. I was quite active but like you seem to have stopped which isnt helping, I have just started to do some yoga moves and thinking about buying a static bike lol.

    My walking gets me down, can't seem to walk, and if I do, mostly have a stick, I get embarrassed when people look at me. I hate the way I walk, at the moment having one of those days (feeling sorry for myself) I will pick myself up, I normally do.

    Hope you are feeling better now, take care