2nd hospital appt


Hi all hope your all OK. I've just seen my orthopaedic consultant and he's referring me to reumotology for them to see if I need to go on meds bit worried about this to be honest he's seeing me again in 4 months and has said I definitely need surgery on my hip I just feel a bit over whelmed with it all 2 years ago I was walking miles at a fast pace now I can just about make it to the shop with my crutches feels like everything is downhill for the time being sorry for going on its just I don't have a lot of people to talk to about this


  • Jenwren
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    I sympathise with you. I'm waiting to see the orthopedic surgeon as I have arthritis in both my knees bone on bone & my lower spine. What I'd give to walk along the beach where I live with my dog, it doesnt seem so long ago whenever I got the spare time I was out walking with my husband & the dog, now I can barley walk to the car. I work seasonal in an office, but was finding that difficult last season, I'm determined to carry on though as I feel that if I give up whats next. Hopefully once this pandemic is over the hospitals will go back ck to normal & we should see a light at the end of the tunnel. Chin up love we're all in the same boat. Plus it does you good to sound off now & again.

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    I sympathise too. Like you, a year ago I was going for huge walks, and frequently thought to myself that I should never take for granted the ease of simply walking down the street. Little did I know what was coming just a few months later. It came as an enormous shock to be told over the phone that I have arthritis and already needed a new hip. It was overwhelming, as you say. I can't go out without my stick and then only for very short walks. Even shopping I have to carefully plan where I park and which shops I go to. I made the mistake of hobbling around without my stick yesterday as I had my hands full, and oh boy am I paying for it today! I won't be doing that again.

    Try not to feel too anxious about the doc appointments. I have inherited my Dad's problem-solving frame of mind. "ok, this has happened, what do we do to fix it, or if it can't be fixed, how do we make the best of what we're left with?" So in our case, this has happened, can't change that, so what are the lines of action?

    1. Drugs will help us along on a day to day basis, better than we coul h ave managed without them.
    2. We're lucky that wrecked hips can be replaced, largely successfully, even if it reduces our chances of becoming Olympic athletes
    3. it's good that the doc appointments are happening. It's a step closer to ditching the crutches.

    We'd all rather not have to deal with this at all, but that's the way the cards have fallen, and like it or not, and somewhat perversely, we can take some control of our lives by placing this problem in the hands of the experts. I try to see the hospital appoitnments as a positive, rather than something to be anxious about, but ask me again a week before surgery and I'll probably be seeing it differently! 😅

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    Yh I need to do that too thanks @Jenwren and @Lilymary for the words of encouragement I'll definitely fight to the end I've always been a fighter I've had to be and I'm definitely not going to let this get me down to much I've got 5 brilliant kids and they've only got me so I still need to kick some **** haha xxx

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