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Stabbing pains in fingers and toes. Is it arthritis or peripheral neuropathy?

I apologise for this being my second questions in a few days. I have OA in my hands and tender Heberden's nodes at the ends of my fingers. I also get flashes of pain in my fingers that only last a few seconds, but are painful nevertheless. Does anyone know if this is also part of arthritis? I get it in my toes, too. Wondering about peripheral neuropathy, although I don't have any numbness. Something else to ask my GP about?


  • airwaveairwave Posts: 358

    Fleeting pains can be a symptom of OA, you may need to chat to your GP if you’re concerned about them? I’ve never heard the pain at the ends of your fingers being given a name, we learn something every day! I spent ages using my knuckles to tap on the keyboard with.

    its a grin, honest!

  • airwaveairwave Posts: 358

    The reference to fingertips should read the joints nearest the fingertips. There’s plenty of explanation if the name is googled.

    its a smile, honest!

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