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My names Alan. I’m 48 and just diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hips which had caused damage and pain to my knee.

a bit of a shock and just looking for a chat and support as all this is still very new


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    Hi @AlanGS - welcome to the online community!

    A new diagnosis can be shocking, but at least you have a label now and something you can use to work forwards! Osteoarthritis of the hips can indeed cause damage to related joints as you change how you move in order to try to alleviate pain in your hips. Versus Arthritis has quite a lot of useful information on this which could help:

    Have a look at these exercises for your hips and for your knees - exercise is one of the things which can really make a difference to arthritis as it makes your muscles stronger, which takes strain off your joints. It can also help to stretch out your muscles to reduce the pain they may be in from being used in odd ways to compensate for weakened joints. Just be careful not to push if it hurts - be aware of your limits.

    The community here is lovely and friendly, you've definitely come to the right place for a chat and support. Do look around and join in on any conversations you find interesting.

    It's lovely to meet you,


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    Thank you Shell

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    Hi @AlanGS , sorry to hear about your diagnosis, particularly when yiu’re relatively young. It is all a bit of a shock isn’t it. I’m 61 and was diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis in my hip 10 months ago after pain after a fall, the arthritis had been quietly building up for years till the fall set it all off. I’ve been hobbling around ever since and it’s starting to affect the rest of me as a result of not walking properly. In fact the whole thing probably started around 25 years ago when I injured my left foot, and walking strangely set off pains in my knee and then went up to my hip, so the whole of that leg is a bit of a mess really, the right leg keeps trying to come out in sympathy but I just tell it to “beggar off”.

    I really would recommend looking into the exercises on this site, also “Let’s Move with Leon”, which helps flexibility and muscle tone in a way that shouldn’t aggravate the damaged joints. Keeping your muscles well toned and staying mobile is important, but unlike “normal” exercise, with arthritis if it hurts, stop. Pushing through the pain will make it worse.

    Keep reading around the posts from others, and great advice on this site, and come here for a moan, a giggle, to ask advice or share stories, we all know what it’s like to manage this wretched condition.