Strange times


Hi everyone

Hope everyone is ok and staying safe through this awful covid time.

For me def struggling with oestoatheritis pain n fibromyalgia. Shattered most of the time.i work part time fantastic for my mental health but am shattered.

These times are so strange not being able to see pain management but what I am learning is I have the tools wireless tens machine drugs from my dr and to try and keep moving love leon versus arthritis videos cant do all of the exercises but can do most gentle n stretching are amazing def helping. I do have days when I think no just going to chill today n dont exercise but that's ok too.

Be gentle with yourself n patient year right I'm not patient at all.🤪

Most of my joints have oestoatheritis my knees n hands n neck the worsed n keep dropping things n knees keep going from.under me.

But its strange I get anxious esp with pain n covid updates but then i stop n breathe n think it's ok be kind to.yourself n think we will all get through this . I think of all I have a wonderful husband daughter family n friends I'm so grateful for all i have.

Stay safe

Take care

Tracie x


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,656

    What a lovely post @Tracie

    Thank you for posting and saying how much help 'Lets move with Leon' has been for you.

    You are quite right to remind yourself and us to be kind to ourselves these are indeed very strange times.

    Best wishes