I am on Tocilizumab infusions every 4 weeks do I need to leave a certain length of time before and after my Covid 19 vaccine like I do when having an operation? Also will I get the same immunity as other people or will the Tocilizumab affect it?


  • Ellen
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    Hi @polly

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    I see you are on Tocilizumab and have some queries about the vaccine for COVID-19.

    I am attaching a link to information about COVID-19 and Arthritis:

    Amongst a lot of other information there is a Q&A section on vaccine specifically which might help.

    I don't remember anyone mentioning the need to give time between the vaccine and your infusions, but would suggest it might be advisable to check with your rheumatology team to be sure.

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    Hi Ellen, thankyou for the link.