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im new here any help would be appreciated , I’m supposed to be starting Methotrexate on Monday for PSA in my hand , I’m worried about starting it in the middle of a pandemic in case I have some sort of reaction to it and have to go to hospital, also worrying about side effects, and someone has told me that if we have the COVID vaccine it won’t protect us very well as our immune systems will be lower if on Methotrexate so that’s really worrying me . Sorry if I sound like a drama queen but I’m really worried and not sure what to do , when I’ve spoke to rheumatologist nurse they have never mentioned any of this , any help please 😩


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    Hiya I’m also curious to the answer !

    ive just been recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis as well !! I’ve had a steroid injection in bum and they said nurse will ring me in 2 months if no improvement methotrexate and another drug beginning with s but when I got copy of appointment it said if no improvement in a week then dr should prescribe me oral steroid which he didn’t say anything to me about not sure if I’m to ring dr or not ? injection hasn’t touched it !

    Sorry to ramble but apparently even low dose steroids make they immune lower is this correct ?