Joint pain in fingers


Hello from Debbie, just wanted to ask if anyone has had any finger surgery, my index finger on my left hand is very stiff and will not bend very well, all of my fingers are becoming painful. I have spoken to a surgeon, he said there are three options, one is to fuse the joint, I would not be able to move it, but I would not be in pain. Second is a steroid injection into finger which would help short term, them the last option would be a finger joint replacement, but there is not a high degree of success rate. If anyone has had any finger surgery, I would be interested to know the results of the help you have been given. Thank you Debbie.


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    I have learned to be careful of what you wish for when electing to have surgery. As regards the injections, I’ve never had any luck with them, the injection into my toe joints was the most painful thing imaginable as the fluid went in and forced the joint apart.

    No, they’ve never worked for any of my joints.

    its a grin, honest!