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What a year that 2020 was! I have had Psoriatic Arthritis since 2009, diagnosed in 2013.

In the first lockdown I read up about Covid and decided to cut down on my Methotrexate (been on tablets since 2013, injections since 2019) as I wanted to be in good shape if/when I caught it. In fact I stopped taking anything for April and May 2020.

June arrived and I experienced the biggest flare-up I've ever had, I was in a right state. Started taking Tramadol, Co Codamol, Arcoxia, Omeprozole, Paracetamol, Ibroprofen and started the Methotrexate again, I was in a right mess, a Zombie in lockdown. My Doctor put me onto Steroids in addition to all the above, and was given Sulpha* *** tablets which turned my wee yellow.

Nothing helped - July arrived and I had Steroidal Injections into 5 joints at the Hospital. At the same time I started showing the classic symptoms of diabetes! Blood tests showed that my CRP was at 78 (should be less than 5) and my Hb1ac (diabetes, should be 40) was at 93!

Evidence in my blood that I was in a pickle. When I did some research there is such a thing as Steroidal induced Diabetes - I stopped the steroids. Doctor put me onto Metformin for the diabetes at 2000mg a day, saying that I would have to have additional medication when the 90 day blood tests came in.

Nothing was touching the Arthritis and the pain wasn't improving, my Consultant put forward a request to the Trust that I be put on Biologicals (the Consultant in 2013 said that she would put me on Biologicals then, but wasn't allowed to until I had been tried on cheaper medications), after the relevant tests were carried out I was approved to receive Imraldi by injection.

Fast forward to November and the flare up had subsided, I wasn't taking any pain killers, my diabetes was in retreat, my arthritis is under control.

I take 15mg of Methotrexate via injection once a week and I take Imraldi 40mg once every two weeks via injection .... sometimes a pain killer or two, but usually not.

Now, Covid - my Consultant says I should only have the Pfizer vaccine. Now, I think she is mistakenly thinking that the Oxford jab is a live vaccine when in fact it is a killed vaccine. I feel that it will be a longer wait for that one than the Oxford.

Anyone had their jab?

What's your thoughts on which vaccine is safe?

If we get Covid, will our medication (immunosuppressants) help us from dying? I understand that death occurs because your bodies immune system goes into over drive and attacks the organs - we have suppressed ours.

Sorry for the long tale - congratulations if you got this far on my journey.

Stay Safe All.


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    Had my 6/12 review with the Rheumatology pharmacist on Thursday and am due to have my vaccine today! I’m on Benepali and MTX.

    Asked her if it mattered which vaccine I had and she said no, either is fine; the most important thing is that we get some protection in case we get the virus. Vaccine will not stop us from contracting the virus but it should mean that we get a less serious infection than otherwise. We will still need to be very careful, even after the second dose.

    I also asked if it would improve my chances of developing an immune response if I didn’t take my meds this week. She said that the official advice is that we do not suspend our meds, however - since I am well controlled at the moment, it would be a decision I might make for myself.

    I didn’t ask about DMARDs and possible prevention of the cytokine storm that happens in severe Covid. I dare say that when this is over and they’ve had a chance to look at all the data we’ll know more about this.

    Stay safe!